Julio le Parc

1928 Argentine

Julio Le Parc was born in 1928 in Mendoza, Argentina. During the 1950s he studied at the School of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires, where he taught Lucio Fontana at the time, and then moved to Paris in 1960, where he founded the GRAV ( Groupe de Recherche d’Art Visuel ). Le Parc is one of the greatest exponents of kinetic and optical art : in his research the artist experiments with the fourth dimension, introducing light and movement into his works, installations in constant transformation. By generating unpredictable patterns of light and shadow, Le Parc’s works give rise to an immersive aesthetic experience which stimulates the viewer to act as an active presence. In 1966 Le Parc received the Grand Prix of Painting at the Venice Art Biennale. In 2012 the Centro Cultural Julio Le Parc was inaugurated in Mendoza . Lives and works in Paris.


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