Ulrich Erben


Recognized among the major exponents of European aniconic painting, Erben studies in the Academies of Hamburg, Venice, Munich and Berlin. Starting from landscapes and still lifes, he oriented himself towards a work based on the link between geometry and nature, with particular interest in architecture and the dimensions of spaces. In 1968 he painted the first painting painted in white, a neutral and association-free painting that allows us to show the energy of a landscape without a figurative connection. Towards the end of the eighties the colors became “colors of memory”, often proposed on the canvas based on their influence and mutual attraction. Along with the colors, also the light and size of Erben’s paintings are fundamental elements to engage the viewer. The variable lighting, together with the different chromatic shades, crosses on his canvases generating perspective illusions and changing shades. In 1976 he took part in Documenta VI. The artist exhibits in numerous public and private spaces in Germany and worldwide.


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