Tommaso Bet


Tommaso Bet was born in Sacile, Friuli-Venezia Giulia. In 2007 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and, in the same year, he was the last and youngest member to be admitted to the historical association of the Venetian engravers. In 2008 he moved first to Zurich and then to London, continuing to develop his artistic research, combining pictorial and graphic techniques, mixing the use of industrial paints, brushes and spatulas, creating powerful exaggerated portraits of contemporary subjects mixing with the basic gothic of the strong variegations cyberpunk and pop, in addition to large abstract canvases. From 2013 he began to collaborate with Giovanni Granzotto and the Studio d’Arte GR. Participate in major national and international fairs and exhibitions.

Kunsaber, 2018

Oil painting on board, 90 x 100

Muncher, 2018

Oil painting on canvas, 130 x 140

Olotype, 2017

Oil painting on canvas, 120 x 110

Settima cattedrale, 2011

Mixed media on canvas, 125 x 135


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