Sergio Colussa


Sergio Colussa was born in 1942 in Udine, where he still lives and works today. He approached the artistic world as a boy painter in the sixties. The first important exhibitions, but also many of the subsequent ones, are hosted in the historic Galleria del Girasole uphill to the castle of Udine with presentations by the writer Carlo Sgorlon. Since 1961 he has participated and won many regional prizes, in Italy and abroad. It has remained silent from the point of view of personal exhibitions since the nineties – even an ethical choice, having undertaken the direction of an art gallery – but not from an evolutionary point of view, it arrives at a search in spaces of cosmic geometries that find a perfect poetic equilibrium in which the color force becomes decisive which, becoming pure rhythm, lights up never extinguished flashes.

Arcobaleni nel giorno di San Alfonso, 2016

Oil on the table, 61 x 63 x 2



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